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Unique Private Home Rentals at the Ranch

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This charmer sits on its own part of the property, with its own road. This is the formal front entrance, from the private parking area. Two geodesic domes & studio with private entrance and direct access to Phoenix Mountains Preserve. Cute cozy 2-bedroom 1-bath home on private road, surrounded by Mountain Preserve. Hand-built native stone house on private road; direct access to Mountain Preserve.

Stony Mountain Ranch is over seven acres in size, and is bounded by the beautiful and expansive Phoenix Mountain Preserve park.  Our land has a true old-west history, having been part of the stagecoach era, and our location is unique.  At the Ranch, you are surrounded by almost 10,000 acres of pristine Sonoran desert, with such old-west true-to-life relics as the nearby circa-1880 miner's stone dwelling (visible to you but unknown to most outsiders), yet you have convenient access to stores, shopping and more, via nearby Cave Creek Road.

Tucked into their own separate areas of the Ranch are our several handbuilt small houses, each one with its own look and feel.  All are completely unique: our beautiful handbuilt native stone house has its roots in the stagecoach era; another house is a more modern block home partially built into the mountain, very private, with nice front porch and surrounded by the Mountain Preserve; a third house is a charming solid stucco, with fireplace, skylights, Mexican tile and golden oak flooring, and a fourth is actually three dwellings in one: two geodesic domes plus separate studio, all on their own parcel.  Homes vary from about 1000-1200 square feet in size, perfect for one or two people.

Take a look at our desert homes above and we think you'll agree they're unique.  If you need more information, want to find out about availability, or want to arrange a rental on a short-term or long-term basis, please call us, or send your query via the Contact Us button above.